Boosting corruption reporting enabling environment in the state-owned enterprises

Staring from October 2022, ISIE will implement a 12-month project aimed at improving corruption reporting environment in the state-owned enterprises (SOEs) through preparation of Assessment report, signing of a Declaration of commitment, preparation of Roadmap, delivery of 4 trainings as well as media outreach and mentorship program. ISIE will analyse the current situation regarding the […]

Promotion of Potrosuvaci MK First Mobile app for Consumer Protection

On February 24, 2021 ISIE has organized the final event of the Watchdog of Consumer Protection Project.  The first mobile app for consumer protection – Potrosuvaci MK, along with a Monitoring report of 7 key – institutions for consumer protection, 5 guides for consumers and a new website have been promoted.  All project outputs […]

Monumental MK – A new tourist route on monuments and brutalist architecture promoted

On October 9, 2020 the Institute for Strategic Research and Education – ISIE has promoted Monumental MK – a new tourist route on monuments and brutalist architecture. As part of the Balkan Monumental Trail, this route combines the forgotten heritage of monuments built in the period of socialism with the unique brutalist architecture created in […]

Local public enterprises in Polog region require more accountability and transparency

In the framework of Civil society organizations and media in control of the work of public enterprises in the Polog Planning region Project, ISIE has prepared an analysis of accountability and transparency of local public enterprises in this region for 2019. The analysis has been conducted in the period March – April 2020 in accordance […]

Extensive Report on Consumer Protection released

In June 2020 ISIE has released an extensive Report on Consumer Protection in North Macedonia. The report has been prepared within Watchdog of Consumer Justice Project, aimed at 7 key institutions for consumer protection in the country. The research covered the competent regulatory bodies and institutions for dealing with submissions submitted by consumers and citizens […]

Boosting Tourist Promotion to Support Local Development

In the period February – August 2020 ISIE will implement Monuments and Brutalist Architecture of North Macedonia: Boosting Tourist Promotion to Support Local Development Project. This activity will be conducted through several stages. The first stage will include mapping of approximately 30 monuments, public objects and points of interest built in the architectural style of […]

Local Democracy Network established in Skopje

On January 21, 2020 Local Democracy Network has been established in Skopje. More than 10 civil society organizations have joined forces to support participation of CSOs in the decision making process on local level; boost cooperation between local authorities and civil sector and promote greater involvement of the local authorities in the EU integration process. […]

Watchdog of Consumer Justice Project

In the period from December 2019 – December 2020, the Institute for Strategic Research and Education (ISIE) will implement the project Watchdog of Consumer Justice: Strengthening Capacities of CSOs and Media to Monitor, Promote and Advocate for Consumer Protection in North Macedonia. The specific objectives of the project include: (1) improvement of the capacities of […]

This autumn at ISIE

It is a very busy period at ISIE this autumn. A number of initiatives have been finalized and several new projects have just started. At the beginning of the autumn, our team has released the Guide for addressing risk of delinquency among students (Macedonian |Albanian). We organized the presentation of the public procurement monitoring results […]