Study on Corruption Perceptions in Higher Education Released

Smart Balkans - Civil Sciety for Shared Society in the Western Balkans

The Institute for Strategic Research and Education – ISIE in cooperation with our partners CESID – Centar za slobodne izbore i demokratiju – Belgrade and  IDRA – Institute for Development Research and Alternatives – Tirana  has published the Study on the Corruption Perceptions and Prevention in Higher Education in Albania, N. Macedonia and Serbia. The study is based on the results from the survey of students’ perceptions of corruption in higher education in the targeted countries carried out within the framework of our project.  The research was conducted using the face-to-face technique in May 2023, on a sample of 300 students in each country. The complete study could accessed on the following link (English, Macedonian).

Apart from that, shorter versions of the Study in the form of a Policy Brief could be down downloaded in Macedonian, Albanian, Serbian and English language.

“Corruption Free Universities in Albania, N. Macedonia and Serbia” Project is supported by the Regional grant of the “SMART Balkans – Civil Society for Shared Society in the Western Balkans” regional project implemented by Centar za promociju civilnog društva (CPCD), Center for Research and Policy Making (CRPM) and Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM) and financially supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NMFA).





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