Transparent Skopje: Action for Setting-up Open and Accessible Databases to Support Reform and Public Interest Protection in Skopje Region

(2017) IPA Civil Society Facility, implemented by Center for Civic Communications
Within the CCC project “Investigative Reporting to Boost Reforms (2016-2018)”, ISIE has received funding to introduce open data bases to fortify media activities and create resources for investigative journalism and their own further actions and public provided with better and more substantial information to make informed decisions. ISIE has set-up a database that included information on quality of living, health, social insurance, employment etc.
The aim of the project was to increase quality and credibility of investigative journalism by improving journalists’ skills, capacities, tools and information for in-depth and fact-based reports and to build operational and efficient partnerships between CSOs and the media to provide greater availability of information based on thorough and replicable investigative journalism.

Transparent Skopje: Analysis of Selected Economic and Financial Indicators
Download: Publication

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