Boosting corruption reporting enabling environment in the state-owned enterprises

Boosting corruption reporting enabling environment in the state-owned enterprises

Staring from October 2022, ISIE will implement a 12-month project aimed at improving corruption reporting environment in the state-owned enterprises (SOEs) through preparation of Assessment report, signing of a Declaration of commitment, preparation of Roadmap, delivery of 4 trainings as well as media outreach and mentorship program.

ISIE will analyse the current situation regarding the corruption reporting enviorenment in SOEs; strengthen their capacities of administration to effectively implement the laws; strengthen the capacities of civil society and local councils and media through trainings and mentoring sessions as well as the improve the information available to the general public through traditional and technology-supported dissemination tools.

The direct beneficiaries will be (1) management and employees of SOEs (2) local non – governmental organizations, non-formal groups and activists (3) media and (4) members of councils of the municipalities.

At the end of the project, the beneficiaries will have better knowledge and skills to report corruption, more instruments for distribution of information, developed or simplified mechanism for reporting corruption in the state-owned enterprises, raised public awareness and generally more enabling environment for reporting corruption.

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The project is funded by the US Embassy Skopje.

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