Monuments and Brutalist Architecture Tour

Monuments and Brutalist Architecture Tour

This project is funded by the European Union

Monuments and Brutalist Architecture of North Macedonia: Boosting Tourist Promotion to Support Local Development (MBA)

The Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) implemented and European Union (EU) funded Tourism Development and Promotion Project worth EUR 5 million works to develop and internationally promote joint regional cultural and adventure tourism offer, increase number of tourists visiting the six Western Balkans economies (WB6), lengthen their stay in the region, increase revenues and employment in the industry, and remove policy barriers to further development of tourism.
The Project utilises EUR 1.62 million grants scheme to help improve quality of services and infrastructure along the selected routes. The third round of grants – worth up to EUR 54,000 each – was awarded in February 2020. The Institute for Strategic Research and Education – ISIE is amongst the grant recipients from the third round.
Actions to be performed through grant
The Institute for Strategic Research and Education will utilise the grant to co-finance (90/10) development and promotion of a new tourist route “Monuments and Brutalist Architecture of North Macedonia” (MBA).
This activity will be conducted through several stages. The first stage will include mapping of approximately 30 monuments, public objects and points of interest built in the architectural style of brutalism during the socialist period in Skopje, Kavadarci, Kicevo, Kocani, Krusevo, Prilep, Veles and Stip. ISIE will also develop narrative, stories and overall route.
In the second phase, ISIE will prepare a tourist guide which will be printed in 500 hardcopies (5 languages, 100 copies in each language) and a mobile app. Based on the positive experience of the Skopje Gems App, ISIE will develop an iOS and Android version of mobile phone app for the MBA route. The application will be based on the hardcopy tourist guide and will offer digital presentation and signage with information on locations in the MBA tour.
For the purpose of offering new and authentic tourist products and supporting cooperation with the local businesses, ISIE will design and develop 10 souvenirs connected to the locations. Local businesses will have an opportunity to offer new souvenirs to their customers and based on the interest on selected items from the prototype series, ISIE will transfer rights for production of souvenirs to interested parties for free.
The last stage will focus on the promotion of the route as a new tourist attraction. For this purpose, ISIE will utilize both traditional and technology supported dissemination tools.
Results and sustainability
(1) Mapping of at least 30 locations connected to brutalist architecture; (2) preparation, development and distribution of hardcopy of MBA tourist guide; (3) development of Android and iOS application on the new trail and locations (available in 5 languages); (4) development and promotion of a website with information on the locations (in Macedonian and English language); (5) design and development of 10 new souvenirs connected to new locations; (6) deployment of at least 5 information panels on new locations (depending on the consent of the competent authorities), (7) organization of 3 workshops and final promotional event and (8) organization of a traditional and technology-based promotional campaign (videos, website, social media promotion, flyers etc).

Institute for Strategic Research and Education – ISIE
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