Message of the President

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the website of ISIE!

The Institute for Strategic Research and Education (ISIE) was founded in 2004 by a number of young individuals strongly dedicated to the values of liberty, democracy and market economy. Our motive was single: if we value the pursuit of knowledge, we must be free to follow wherever that search may lead us.

Knowledge must come through action. ISIE is lead by the notion that only young and promising people, who have received their education and experience from respectful professional and educational institutions in the country and abroad, can make changes by their own in our society. We have invited eminent professionals from different fields of life to join our mission. ISIE has gathered over 20 young researches and academics from Macedonia skilled in international relations, European integrations, security, economy, law, human rights and education as well as created a network of our foreign research associates inover 20 countries in Europe.

Thus, in the last years the Institute has developed an advanced research in the fields of education, economy, regional security and protection of natural resources which have made us one of the leading institutes of young researches in Macedonia. We have implemented several international projects in the field of civil sector in the country and the region.

Today, ISIE seeks to provide excellent information and analysis that can improve wider public understanding of international and regional problems and through its network, influence the development of sounder public policy as well as improve the educational level of the young population.

Join our mission!

Respectfully yours,
dr. Miso Dokmanovic,
President of the Executive Board