Major Analysis on Costs for Justice for Children Prepared for UNICEF

The Institute for Strategic Research and Education (ISIE, Skopje) has conducted an expenditure analysis of the adequacy, efficiency, effectiveness and equity of the government budget in the area of justice for children in North Macedonia.

The analysis has been carried out through the EU funded project entitled “Just(ice) children – EU for juvenile and child – friendly justice” implemented by UNICEF North Macedonia. The main aim of the analysis is to provide evidence, offer insights and to highlight opportunities for improving outcomes for children and to formulate recommendations on financial allocations needed for mandatory capacity development of professionals in the justice system.

The complete expenditure analysis, the conclusions and recommendations on the adequacy, efficiency, effectiveness and equity of government budget based on the extensive desk review, including the analysis of responses received to requests for free access of public information to 168 institutions (centres for social work, courts, units of local self-government, ministries, public prosecutor’s office, councils for the prevention of child delinquency, and other agencies) and the supporting documentation are available for download.

Link: Macedonian version | Albanian version | English version

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